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HIPAA Compliance

Each team member is required to execute and abide by a strict confidentiality policy which is implemented at the time of hiring. Confidentiality of data is most important in relevance to the transcription work that we undertake. All client and patient related voice, data and document management exceeds HIPAA regulations. We maintain strict physical security on the area covering transcription activities. We ensure confidentiality of every document we transcribe.

Our systems use secure streaming over the Internet for handling of dictations (voice files) and also for the delivery of finished documents (transcriptions). Security standards meet the guidelines established in the four HIPAA categories specific to transcription related organizations, including Administrative Procedures, Physical Safeguards, Security Services, and Security Mechanisms. 

We have an advanced Internet-enabled workflow monitoring system, optimized for customers requiring a capacity-rich partner that can accommodate huge lines of transcription with speed and accuracy.

Avail our offer for a FREE TRIAL (10 minutes of audio dictation for 3 days), where you can access our system and leave your dictations. We will email the transcripts and the sample costs of the same to you. If you are satisfied with the service quality and comparative costs, you can continue using our service as per requirement.  
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